Acts of Kindness

Recipe for downloading the complete Paramita music CD at no charge:

1. Perform a priceless act of kindness.
2. Write and submit a short reflection of your experience.
3. Check your email for the link to download your Paramita music CD. (Might want to check your SPAM folder).

Sounds simple enough? We hope so. You might wonder: What's the purpose of our approach? The concept is clear if you first understand what Paramita means. Paramita means "crossing over". When one crosses from here to there, from suffering to suffering's end, from confusion to awakening, it is "paramita"-- we cross over.

Tiny drops of water can merge to form a river. Regardless of how small an act of kindness seems, when pooled together, can become a formidable amount and enable one to accomplish a great deal. It brings about a change, a crossing over to a more peaceful world, one step at a time. We shouldn't pass up on any good deed just because it seems too small to matter or make a difference. Kindness brings us hope. It inspires us to become better people.

So whether you gave a dime or a million dollars to charity, cooked for your parents or served an entire town devasted by a wild fire, we encourage to you to share your experience with us. Let us know what inspired you to make that your act of kindness. Did your act motivate others to do the same? How did it make you feel? In fact, there is no criteria for your submission. Just share what you like and we hope every one of us can learn from your experience and get inspired to make a difference in this world.

May all become compassionate and wise.

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