Kindness in Action

The Encounter
On that one Sunday in 1983 - While alone staying behind in the kitchen at the old Gold Wheel Monastery - and silently, I prayed the Buddha's name. Others were upstairs chanting and following after the two Masters, who had completed their pilgrimage of three-step-one-bow. Grand Master Hsuan Hua stepped into the kitchen along with one of his lay-disciple, my friend's mother, Grandma Julie. Grandma Julie explained that I could not understand Chinese - but, Grand Master smiled. His smile was just like my late Grandpa's. Grand Master talked and Grandma Julie translated that "Buddha's language is to be listened to with your eyes and, is to be spoken with your heart." Then, I was told to go upstairs joining everyone and listening to Grand Master's teachings. A little while later, I was seated on the front row and, right in front of him so that I could listen to his words with my eyes. I was devoured by his voice and my heart pranced with each of his words. This Encounter has changed my journey - delivering me onto a different ground. I am still learning to listen with my eyes - and, speaking with my heart. Moreover, Prances - my heart still, Devoured - my self is, Follow Grand Master's light, Always - I with the heart and the eyes. With sincerity - sharing the Grand Master's loving and kindness. Your disciple Than Mai
submited on 2017-07-13 00:05:29 by Than Mai from Rosemead, California, The United States

Can I drop you somewhere?
I love to walk, but not on the busy roads that are full of vehicles moving in all directions, honking and creating a chaos. Every time I don't have a vehicle and I have to walk I wish I'll meet someone I know who is going in the same direction and will offer to drop me. When I drive I see a lot of people walking, mostly they are the ladies who work as house help and women (different age) who are on their way to/from the vegetable market. When I see them I feel like, What if like me they too are wishing for someone to come and drop them to their destination? Hene, I have started to ask them if they need a lift. Their initial response is "Do we know each other?" It has been an incredible experience so far. I've had some interesting conversations, the best are the blessings that I've received from them. Now every time I drive my eyes keep looking for those who walk on the sides of the road.
submited on 2017-06-15 00:41:44 by Bhumika from Vadodara, India

Helped a needy person.
Some days back I had went to a shop to buy goods, while returning a person approached me, and asked me for me some financial help. I helped that person with some money with which he could get some comfort. He smiled and thanked me !
submited on 2017-06-14 23:17:02 by Vivek Kokate from Pune, India

Nothing special.
I was walking down the street, tryig to concentrate on the sensation on my feet, and I heard unusual psychedelic music, and my concentration got deeper. I could not help myself, gave them all my change and hugged them. Then I ran home a took a box of organic gemaicha tea and gave them to these buskers and chatted with them. I offered them a couch for a night but they traveled to another city.
submited on 2017-06-13 00:34:09 by Honza Rypl from Somewhere, Czech Republic

Donation on the streets
I just donated some money to a disabled performer on the streets =).
submited on 2017-05-28 04:49:25 by Dan from Singapore, Singapore

Everyday Life
Finding the dharma with mixed cultures and settings to continue to practice in a home life setting.
submited on 2017-03-24 23:27:17 by Jeff Flowers from Hillsborough, United States

Everyone has something to give
I baked cakes today and gave them to the cleaners in my building. I chatted with them occasionally and gave them cakes before, so today was really sweet, because they still remember me after some months not seeing one another. They taught me a few things about plants and how they took care of the building. They also have brilliant smiles, even if their work is a lot more physically demanding than mine.
submited on 2017-03-09 05:27:05 by Egg Yolk from Somewhere, Vietnam

Helping an autistic teenager
While swimming in our community swimming pool, we discovered a completely naked teenager peeping at us across the gate. Alarmed, my husband decided to approach the man to see what he after. The teenager did not speak at all and seemed lost, shy, and confused. Furthermore, he defecated on the walkway leading to the swimming pool. Instead of calling the police or security guard, my husband determined that the teenager has no intention to harm. He remembered seeing a a car with bumper sticker that said "proud parent of autistic kid". Making the connection, he decided to lead the young man to the house near the aforementioned parked car. When he knocked on a door, he discovered a tired and apologetic mom who had fell asleep and forgotten to lock the back gate, leading to her son's escape. Relieved, my husband was glad to solve this mystery. Furthermore, he cleaned up his defecation on the street so that no careless children or adults would have the misfortune to step on it.
submited on 2017-03-08 09:21:49 by Jane from Corona, USA

Lentil veggie soup for office
On a chilly rainy day here, I just felt like cooking lentil vegetable soup for the six of us in an office apartment. They are my former colleagues and their spouses, and still good friends a year after I left the company. It was a simple, wholesome vegan meal, and we sat around a warm table while the Californian rain pours outside. Family style. I was very happy during the cooking, meal, and clean-up, as old friends come together to "break bread together". So simple, so good! Thank you for the prompt and nudge, which put the idea in my mind in the first place!
submited on 2017-02-17 14:22:05 by Z from San Francisco, United States

Doing good deeds
One day in an Orphanage On my 33rd birthday, me and my friends went to an Orphanage and treated the lunch for children. Seeing them ate well, we all were in tear. There are about 100 children there, after eaten lunch, we gave them the stationery, snack and money. Seeing they were happy and prayed for us, we were very happy and satisfied what we have done.
submited on 2017-02-16 23:45:25 by Ying from Yangon, Myanmar

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